Goldwater Analyst Intern Program

Goldwater Corporate Finance sponsors a very challenging internship that gives interns extensive experience in all facets of Investment Banking.  From Business Development to Capital Markets, interns are given an opportunity to work directly with the Founder and Managing Partner and other Executive Directors, to assist in many areas of financing a wide-range of multi-million dollar projects located in the United States.

Interns must have a strong background and qualifications in the following areas:

  1. Methodologies required for successfully analyzing and synthesizing important financial information;
  2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills (Interpersonal and group communication skills);
  3. Strong quantitative and analytical skills;
  4. Preparing documentation to assist management when making critical business decisions;
  5. Management of CRM and Proprietary Research software;
  6. Exceptional self-motivation and a natural drive to achieve excellence;
  7. Team-based philosophy;
  8. Sense of humor.